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Frame Magazine: Retail Retrial

06 : 11 : 2015

Visual Editor Hannah Robinson talks to Frame magazine about the challenges faced by e-tailers of design.

Cutting out the middleman shouldn’t mean cutting out the physical experience, warns Hannah Robinson, visual trends analyst at consumer trend and insight network LS:N Global, who stresses the fact that ‘consumers want to embrace the live elements of bricks-and-mortar stores and the convenience of online retail without a clunky division between the two’. 

Luxury Daily: Luxury now dominated by social commerce

13 : 10 : 2015
Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 20.01.03

Luxury Daily talks to The Future Laboratory cp-founder Chris Sanderson about the latest findings from our Luxury Index survey, which examines how affluent consumers hear about and purchase luxury goods and services.

By being aware of motivators, luxury brands will be able to better leverage insights to meet the demands and expectations of affluent consumers in-store and in the digital space. “This is reflected in shopping habits, where bricks and mortar still dominates at 46 percent, whilst online (desktop/ laptop) comes in at 39 percent,” said Chris Sanderson, co-founder of The Future Laboratory. “Add mobile to this however (9 percent) and you have a digital offer that matches and even slightly surpasses physical.

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Esquire: Blue sky thinking

14 : 09 : 2015
Esquire September full page article.

Drawing on our Optimised Self research, LS:N Global senior journalist Daniela Walker tells Esquire why the future of health will be driven by genetic testing.

‘Now you can be your own personal NHS. Devices such as Fitbits encourage what they call ‘upstream wellness’ – meaning you look upstream to make sure you’re taking care of yourself rather than waiting for a diagnosis.’ says Walker.

The Guardian: Haute couture calls in the geeks

06 : 09 : 2015
Screen shot 2015-10-13 at 19.50.09

Co-founder of The Future Laboratory, Chris Sander, is featured in The Guardian discussing relevance in an era of fashion democracy, instant gratification and tech innovation.

“We are reaching the nadir of the current fashion-season cycle and it is about to fall apart,” says Chris Sanderson, co-founder of the Future Laboratory, a British-based trend forecasting consultancy. “Brands these days should be seeking an audience of 3 million, not 300, and increasingly, they are looking at alternative ways to present products to their customers.”

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Stylist: The future of beauty is unisex

13 : 08 : 2015

Drawing on our neutral culture research, LSN: Global visual trends researcher Victoria Buchanan tells Stylist why the bathroom cabinet of the future will be unisex.

“Unisex beauty has always sold well for fragrance brands, but we’re starting to see this filtering down into cosmetics and skincare, too” she explains. “For long-term relevance, brands now need to think beyond the sexes and focus on being timeless instead

The Guardian: Could a gadget help you to switch off?

30 : 06 : 2015

Drawing on our Optimised Self research, LSN: Global visual editor Hannah Robinson talks to The Guardian about the latest developments in technology designed to reduce stress and promote self-awareness and calm.

“Devices will feel less like a piece of hardware and more like an extension of the self,” she explains. “We can expect to see technology emerging that harnesses the powers of scent, colour and sound to enhance our mood and optimise our wellbeing.”

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Computer Arts Magazine: Gender-defying design

15 : 06 : 2015

With society’s growing acceptance of neutral culture and the ‘Mx’ honorific, Joanna Tulej, Art director at The Future Laboratory looks at how gender fluidity is driving design in the twenty-first century for Computer Arts Magazine.

‘Neutral design acts as a blank canvas upon which discerning and empowered consumers can explore their identities and curate different versions of self-actualisation, which is why we expect this trend to continue to grow in the coming decade’ says Tulej.

Sunday Times Style: Clean Lines

05 : 06 : 2015

LSN: Global visual trends researcher and Beauty expert Victoria Buchanan talks to Sunday Times Style about the rise of natural based beauty products.

“Parabens and sulphates are the anti-buzzwords in the beauty industry at the moment,” says Victoria Buchanan, a trend analyst at the Future Laboratory. “Consumers are increasingly aware of the health benefits of natural ingredients in beauty products and are demanding transparency from beauty brands about what they put in their products.”

WWD: Beauty’s New Mandate: Wellness

29 : 05 : 2015

WWD reports on the shift towards holistic health and wellness within the beauty industry.

“Holistic health is one of the biggest trends across all categories at the moment,” declared Claire Hobson, executive vice president and global business director of The Future Laboratory, during the CEW Global Trends Report presentation Future Focus: Long Beauty. “It’s important that when we talk about cosmetics, we talk about beauty, we talk about wellness and we talk about health in a converged environment now. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about feeling good and looking good.”

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