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Marie Claire – The Making of Your Wardrobe

28 : 02 : 2014

LS:N Global Visual Trends Analyst Hannah Robinson features in Marie Claire’s ‘The Making of your Wardrobe’ piece.

Hannah tells Marie Claire how trend forecasters have to work three to five years ahead.

“To do this job, you have to be very perceptive, open-minded and inquisitive. It helps if you have an interest in anthropology and psychology” says Hannah.

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AdNews – Luxury Brands

25 : 02 : 2014

As a luxury brand, which markets should you be looking at? Which age groups should you be looking at and how do you market to them?

Chris Sanderson takes a look at the Australian luxury market where in 10 years Millennials will be outspending Boomers. This means that luxury brands must “wrap their brands in experience” and asking themselves if they can “ride the luxury youth wave” if that want to stay relevant.

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The Future Laboratory in Australia

22 : 02 : 2014

After 21 hours of travel The Future Laboratory co-founder/CEO Chris Sanderson and LS:N Global head of sales Katie Tobin are currently in Australia for this years series of events in Melbourne and Sydney.

Things kicked off yesterday in Melbourne with a Network Evening in the sun, something we haven’t been able to do from our London office for a number of rainy months. Read our Seed story about the Network Evening on LS:N Global here.

Unfortunately Chris and Katie won’t have much of a chance to enjoy the weather, with a busy schedule of events coming up:


Today was the first of our two Trend Briefings in Australia. Held at the Australian Centre for Moving Image in Melbourne, we delivered our Gen Y Women vs Gen Y Men - Athena Woman vs Re-con Man, presentation to guests including Aesop, Grey, Mediacom and BMW.

This briefing begins as a battle – of the sexes, of ideas, of new ways of thinking about men and women and how to market, sell and retail to them. But it ends with a new social order and paradigm – where both genders are empowered and both define new ways to work, play, shop, think and reshape what it means to be male and female in the second decade of the 21st century.

With a packed house in attendance we were very grateful to our Australian partners Right Angle Studio for providing Reuben, Lewis, Kiah and Hannah to help us out on the day.

We had some fantastic feedback on our insights:
@inBloome “I love me some juicy, beautifully articulated and presented insights and trends.@TheFutureLab did not disappoint.”
@Thelastlunatic – “Great session with @TheFutureLab this morning. My brain has the happy.”


RMIT University Design Hub was the location for todays Food & Drink Futures Forum in Melbourne. With amazing food provided by The Big Group, who recreated our London Tea Lab, making biscuits and cakes to match the diverse range of teas and coffees provided by the likes of Harrods and St Ali.

Guests including Barilla, Crown Melbourne, Dig & Fish and The Keystone Group came to hear speakers Jill Duplex, Andy Gaunt and Andrew McConnell speak about creating an Australian food encyclopedia, influencer networks and the importance of branding respectively.

Special thanks to our event sponsors Domaine Chandon, Moet Chandon, Aesop and CAPI for providing our guests drinks and take away gifts.

That was our last event in Melbourne this trip, however there is no rest for Katie and Chris as they now head to Sydney.


After a fantastic week in Melbourne we have now arrived in Sydney for three more live events, starting with last night’s Network Evening.

The six speakers, Cat Burgess – strategy director at Frost*, Stuart Couzens – founder of creative production company Alfred, Nicola Mansfield – founder of Left Brain Right Brain, Rose Hiscock – Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Michelle Tabet from Right Angle Studios and Mitchell Oakley Smith spoke on topics ranging from mindfulness to the big intimate.

You can read all about our Network Evening on LS:N Global’s seed section.

After traveling and setting up the Network Evening, Chris and Katie are now preparing for tomorrow’s Sydney Trend Briefing.


Today was our penultimate event down under, the Sydney Trend Briefing.

Firstly we’d like to thank our Australian partners Right Angle Studios for all their help in organising the build up and during the day, and also to former Future Lab employee Rachel Surgeoner who took up her old role while we were in Australia. Letting the social media world know about all the hard work and content.

Held at Carriageworks, Redfern, we explored the Athena Woman and Re-con Man, two of our latest macro trends with 200 attendees including BMW, Vogue, Nestle and MEC Global.


Today was the final event in our 2014 visit to Australia, and we finished on a huge high with our Luxury Futures Forum which people were willing to buy standing tickets for after being told all seating was sold out!

Held at the Golden Age Cinema, attendees including Leo Burnett,  LVMH, Nespresso Australia and St ALi, came to hear speakers Megan Quinn (Net-a-Porter co-founder), Chris Kyvestos (Sneakerboy) and Philip Corne (CEO of Louis Vuitton, Sydney) speak on creating a killer service model, rise of phygital luxury and the New Australian Luxurian respectively. All this as well a Luxury Futures presentation from Chris Sanderson.

Our final event went brilliantly with everyone seeming to go away happy, no doubt aided by our sponsors 10Cane Rum, Belvedere Vodka, Domaine Chandon and Aesop.

Finally Chris and Katie can enjoy a glass or several and relax after an extremely tiring couple of weeks. We’re looking forward to having them back in the office soon!

You can see our Australian and worldwide coverage in our Press section

You can follow these events online via our social media pages – Twitter- @TheFutureLab  @LSNGlobal , Instagram – LS:N Global, TheFutureLaboratory and through the LinkedIn page which you can find here.

Sydney Morning Herald – Fashion News

19 : 02 : 2014

The Sydney Morning Herald Fashion News recommends tomorrows Luxury Futures Forum saying that we offer “a copy of The Future Laboratory’s Luxury Futures report, which profiles what’s new, next and innovative in the luxury industry. If you plan on attending, expect plenty of conversation about the relationship between bricks and mortar and online.”

Read more: Here

ABC Radio

Chris Sanderson is down under his month with The Future Laboratory team talking men and no bollox boutiques as usual. Here he is with Fenella Kernebone, on ABC radio’s ‘By Design’, one of the few radio shows globally that tackles design and visual culture on air. It’s not just one of young Chris’s best pieces for radio to date – but a fair dinkum summary of Re-Con Man, one of the new tribes and trends we’ve identified here at the lab.Have a  listen and decided it you’re a Re-Con  Man who likes alpha snacks, no bollox products and man-ventures!

Australian Financial Review

11 : 02 : 2014

The Australian Financial Review speak to The Future Laboratory co-founder/CEO Chris Sanderson’s about the topics and areas we will be talking about during our time in Australia, including health and wellbeing, luxury and shopping experiences.

Chris explains that when you go shopping for a new product, what you may actually be purchasing is the experience. “Just because I am making a product doesn’t mean there aren’t experiences attached to that. The luxury consumer is shifting their focus away from investment in a product to investing in an experience.”

Read the full article here


06 : 02 : 2014

I hope your Norwegian is up to scratch, you’ll need it to read The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Martin Raymond’s interview with Resirk Magazine.

For those less fluent, Martin discusses the future of newspapers, social media and technological development.

Maybourne Magazine – Inspiration

04 : 02 : 2014

Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson, co-founders of The Future Laboratory, give their insights on the future of Luxury to Maybourne’s top staff on its management day.

Joining them was Sue Walter from The Hospital Club, Fortnum and Mason CEO Ewan Venters and Maybourne CEO, Stephen Alden.


Maybourne Magazine – Visionary

03 : 02 : 2014

Maybourne Magazine met up with The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson at the Connaught to understand why he started the company and how he predicts the future for brands.

“It’s a word used within academic environments to describe how you robustly qualify an assertation or an idea….so for us, Triangulation was a great verbal metaphor of understanding how you map the future” explains Chris.

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