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The Age – For-Rent: Top Notch Luxury

26 : 03 : 2014

What was the last thing you rented? A film? A car? A private jet?

The Future Laboratory’s Chief Executive Officer Chris Sanderson explains that “we see less of a focus on this notion of acquisition and purchase….It goes to the heart of a trend we’re seeing in the shift of luxury towards experience, where it’s no longer about the ownership of a product, but about the enjoyment of it, even if it’s only for a short period of time; for example, I want to experience this beautiful watch, or this beautiful car, but I don’t need to tangibly own it.”

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Elle Australia

25 : 03 : 2014

So it turns out spending money does make you happy! It all depends on how you spend it.

The Future Laboratory’s co-founder Chris Sanderson explains how brands are “ramping up the experiential nature of their flagships” as spending cash on experiences is the best way to buy satisfaction.

This has lead to a Convergence Economy with stores offering “behind -the-scenes glimpses of artisans, creating show-stopping digital elements and interactive tables, as well as providing libraries, private lounges for VIPs and even cafes. The store is becoming more than a place to shop. Now it’s all about connecting with the consumer”.

Mr Oakley Smith – The Eight Ball

How do we predict the future? LS:N Global Editor-in-chief and Co-founder of The Future Laboratory Martin Raymond explains to  Mr Oakley Smith that there is a definite method to our madness!

There is no shaking of an eight ball, no blind guesswork rather that “In essence we are really identifying new and emerging pockets of change…..We then use what we see to better inform our understanding of how the rest of us will behave, interact and consume tomorrow. Rather than forecasting, we are using these observed shifts as stepping stones that lead us into the future.” Explains Martin.

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