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CNN : The Future of Travel

22 : 04 : 2014

Our recent report with Skyscanner on the Future of Travel predicts a more personal and more connected experience by 2024.

Imagine a scenario where an app in your watch or on your contact lenses, monitors your vital signs, analyzes your mood and decides you need a holiday. It will then present you with a selection of itineraries tailored to your budget and tastes.

“The technologies in the above scenario are either real, being tested or undergoing prototype development” says Martin Raymond.

Read the full CNN article here.

Stylist : Message in a Bottle

17 : 04 : 2014

Your choice of fragrance is an extension of your personality, your likes and dislikes.

Chris Sanderson talks to Stylist about our recent fragrance collaboration with Selfridges where we “create a subliminal window into a customer’s personality based on their answers to a series of visual cues, such as choosing your favorite picture of an arch of a building, and abstract questions that are unrelated to fragrance.”

The power of scent evokes strong emotional responses and can describe you, as Chris explains “we have found that the trend for metallic notes is much more popular with adventurous personalities as they thrive on challenges. Whereas the trend for unusual food notes such as fresh bread, cinnamon or caramel are very appealing to those comfortable enough in themselves to push boundaries but who have more addictive personalities.”

Read more about our collaboration with Selfridges, Campaign and Givaudan in our SEED section of LS:N Global.

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Qantas : The Australian Way

08 : 04 : 2014

LS:N Global editor-in-chief Martin Raymond was one of 10 local design experts asked by Qantas Airlines’ in-flight magazine to reveal their favourite design destination in London.

Martin chose Shrimpy’s, a “pop-up restaurant ingeniously inserted inside an old filling station near London’s Kings Cross and the Regents Canal.”

“Famous for its soft-shell crab burger and hard-nosed hipsters, it’s better known and liked for its gentle treatment of light – soft light (it has fibreglass walls) reflected light (the canal shadows), and syncopated urban light reminiscent of Ed Ruscha signage.”