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Fragrance Lab : Week 5 Coverage

30 : 05 : 2014


“Where extraordinary retail concepts are tested, Fragrance Lab invites customers to weave through a magical series of interactive zones and the store’s iconic windows, making a journey to explore the outer reaches of scent”

GQ Magazine

“ the method seems to be eerily intuitive. But what if you don’t like your prescription?  Simple: the technician will make other suggestions from the same fragrance family, so you might even leave with two.”


“Fragrance Lab gathers an in-depth understanding of one’s character and perfume preferences and leads to a 50ml bottle of his signature smell.”


“The Fragrance Laboratory is yet another inspiring and unusual approach to perfumery and design.”


“A form of experimental bespoke retail experience that creates products for customers tailored on their preferences, their memories- and a rather engaging form of psychometric profiling.”

TNT Magazine

“I left the booth feeling enlightened, pampered and deeply understood and appreciated……I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I can now safely say that my personality smells pretty awesome!”

Fragrance Lab : Week 4 Coverage

23 : 05 : 2014

Disney Roller Girl

“This is such a fun thing to do, and there is nothing more appealing from a shopping experience than having it exclusively tailored to you. ”

Echo Brand Design

“The really clever thing about this way of shopping is that it offers a retail experience that simply can’t be replicated online and thus creates a new purpose for the physical store. ”


“A laboratory that uses psychology and chemistry, technology and suggestion to create a fragrance not only made to measure, but it suits the personality of the individual. ”

Perfume Society

“A truly groundbreaking way to explore perfume, courtesy of Selfridges Beauty Project and The Future Laboratory.”

Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA)

“I love this campaign….as much as you can buy through Twitter and Amazon, you can’t buy this”

The Guardian

“The in-store theatre it offers is outstanding, and its recent skate-park and Fragrance Lab are a few of the installations that make them a standout retail destination.”

The Star Online

“NOTHING is quite as annoying as finding someone else wearing your signature scent. But a new retail experiment could mean that soon consumers can easily and affordably bottle their own personal fragrance.”

Fragrance Lab : Week 3 Coverage

16 : 05 : 2014


“While the Lab is only a temporary space (open through June), it’s likely that we’ll actually see more people shopping this way in the future.”


“Early this week, someone asked me what scent I was wearing. “Me!” I replied, with an air of absolute glee. I wasn’t kidding: Thanks to the new Fragrance Lab at Selfridges in London”

Fast co. Design

“We’ve said here before that the next trend in corporate branding is scent, but we didn’t necessarily think it would be the next trend in personal branding”


“In retail, storytelling is now more important than architecture.”


“Fragrance Lab invites customers to weave through a magical series of interactive zones and the store’s iconic windows, making a journey to explore the outer reaches of scent and to discover the essence of one’s self.”


“creating an experience based on a specific, relevant recommendation rather than mass selection. Tailoring of the bespoke fragrance also extends to bottle shape, label, and descriptive language”

World Interiors News

“ The Future Laboratory and international design studio, Campaign, perfectly exemplifies how customer habits, preferences and tastes, as well as their physical interaction, will be used in the future to develop a personalised service or product.”

Fragrance Lab : Week 2 Coverage

12 : 05 : 2014


“You’re an inquisitive person who enjoys challenging themselves with unfamiliar ideas and unusual experiences,” reads the fragrance card for one Fragrance Lab guest, who reported on Twitter that she was “pretty freaked out by how exact the fragrance is for me.”

Creative Review

“An impressive piece of retail design” …. “it’s the kind of interactive installation more luxury brands should be offering.”

Design Week

“personal preferences and interaction with the space is used to inform the scent presented to them at the final dispensary area.”

Fast co. Create

“Behind the publicity potential of Fragrance Lab – the interactive environment has been constructed in the retailer’s shop window (though visitors are concealed from the outside world) – lies a serious message, according to The Future Laboratory Chief Executive Chris Sanderson. “We think the future of retail is less about choice and more about informed recommendation”


“If you’ve ever wished to have your own signature fragrance, London-based department store Selfridges has just launched an experience you won’t want to miss.”

The Women’s Room

“Suffice to say I loved it. Part of the journey takes you through the Selfridges window space, so at one point you are part of a display. At the end, you get a document which is ‘About You’. Mine was so horribly close to me it was a bit spooky.”

Fragrance Lab : Launch Week Coverage

06 : 05 : 2014

British Beauty Blogger

“…as soon as he brought out the second option and I’d smelled it, a smile broke out on my face. It is absolutely the fragrance that I would have chosen myself.”


“First of all there’s anticipation, then disorientation in the dark space and then comfort, with cleansing moments in between, before the revelation at the end”

Evening Standard

“In the past, picking the perfect perfume was simply a question of following our noses. But from tomorrow, the team at a purpose-built “lab” promise to take the process to another level, pairing shoppers with scents that match their personalities as well as their tastes.”

“The Fragrance lab analyses your personality and tastes to get you the perfect perfume. It’s all very scientific.”

Retail Week

“The idea is to provide an example of what the future of retail looks like”


“Smell, like taste, is so inextricably linked to both emotion and memory that a cocktail of scent can, in no time at all, create an olfactory jigsaw puzzle of who you are – giving clues to what you like, where you’ve come from and what makes you tick”

Time Out London

“I hate most perfumes; too headachey and OTT. But I would definitely wear this”


“The store’s new Fragrance Lab is a collaboration with trend forecasters The Future Laboratory and the perfume-makers Givaudan, and will see customers design fragrances to match their own tastes and personality traits through careful olfactive exploration.”


“the experience sees visitors first fill in a questionnaire about their personality, style and desires, followed by an immersive, walk-through multi-sensory experience and personalised consultation, all resulting in a fragrance that aims to represent their individual essence.”