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Help us to shape the future!

21 : 10 : 2014

The Future Laboratory are on the hunt for New Yorkers that are interested in how their data can benefit them. The task includes a 4-day diary task (15 minutes each day) and a group discussion of 2.5 hours on the 3rd November. And in return, you’ll pocket $200. Are you one of these people:

· Millennial (age 16 – 32)
: Aware of the value of their data
: Willing to share their data with companies but want something in return, either monetary benefit or personalised services

: Gen X (age 32 – 50)
: Collect, track and monitor personal data and behavior through apps and wearable devices
: Willing to share data in order to gain insight in their data and optimize themselves (eg. Running pace, food intake, sleep pattern…)
: Also has a competitive element to it. They compare their results with others, further pushing the self-optimization.
: Would be great to have some people who are very involved with fitness/dieting

: Both heavy social/on-the-go gamers (eg. angry birds, farm vile, hay day, …) as well as heavy console(PC and gaming console) gamers (eg. World of warcraft, Xbox players, PlayStation)
: Includes both men and women
: Share their data to connect with players, increase their online gaming status and get benefits related to gaming (access to promotions or sneak peek and other special content)

: Gen X (age 32 – 49)
: Involved in their local area, really want to know it well.
: They like to try new shops and services in their area
: They share their data in order to enhance the value of their local area,be it through promoting new local business, giving recommendations for local business or finding locally produced products (eg. through MadeClose)

: Millennial (age 16 – 32)
: People who are very active on social media, constantly checking their phone for the latest update on social media
: They consider their social media status as very valuable and monitor it frequently
: They are aware of data collection, but are not very knowledgeable about it
: Their awareness and (limited) knowledge of data collection doesn’t limit or curtail their online behaviour. They still share a lot of their data and don’t seem to really think about it or mind it.

If you are interested or know anyone suitable, please send details over to

It’s a great opportunity to have a say in the future of their product range.