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Marketing Magazine: Millennials’ demand for instant gratification is shaping the future of retail

29 : 01 : 2015

Visual trends researcher Victoria Buchanan unpacks the future of retail delivery for Marketing Magazine.

“The idea of pre-emptive retail [is gaining traction] and Amazon is already planning for this. Anticipatory shopping using data and analytics could send something to you before you’ve ordered it – if they crack it you could get your product before you knew you needed it.”

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Sunday Times Style: Bespoke Beauty

28 : 01 : 2015
The Sunday Times Style Bespoke Beauty

LS:N Global’s Visual Trends Researcher and beauty guru Victoria Buchanan talks to Sunday Times Style about the latest in personalised cosmetics.

“The beauty industry often pigeonholes customers into groups and dictates what products they should be using, but now we are seeing a new bespoke attitude that enables customers to personalise off-the-shelf products to suit their needs” says Victoria Buchanan. “In a lot of cases, bespoke is becoming more important than the mass products on offer. So a lot of brands are setting them selves up as complete bespoke.”

Pure Beauty: Beauty Forecast 2015

14 : 01 : 2015

LS:N Global’s Visual Trends Researcher and beauty guru Victoria Buchanan talks to Pure Beauty Magazine  about beauty trends for 2015.

“Skin care in 2015 will have an increased focus on environmental protection, several sources say. LS:N Global, the subscription-based trends and insight network, has identified Elemental Beauty as an important trend, stating: “Beauty consumers are increasingly looking for an antidote to the stresses of modern life” and suggesting that brands “offer a remedy to the digital landscape and create products that can adapt to individual environments.” The company says brands are increasingly turning their attention to the battle against extreme weather elements, like Avon with its Anew Clinical E-Defence, which claims to stabilise skin in extreme hot or cold climates”.


Sunday Times Style: Holding Back The Years

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.35.19

Visual trends researcher Victoria Buchanan talks to Sunday Times Style magazine about the beauty trends to watch in 2015 including DNA testing and Ageless campaigns.

Those over 50 like products that speak to them in an ageless way.” Expect to see a rise in skincare containing serious benefits such as illuminating or anti-ageing.