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Evening Standard: Genes in a bottle

23 : 04 : 2015

LS:N Global journalist Daniela Walker tells the Evening Standard why DNA testing is the new frontier in health and fitness.

Consumers are tired of perfection,’ says Daniela Walker, trend forecaster at The Future Laboratory. ‘They want to be optimal versions of themselves.’ Welcome to the year of the Optimised Self — the latest high-concept approach to health and beauty that’s sweeping the industry.

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Beauty Magazine: Beauty trends 2015

19 : 04 : 2015

Visual trends researcher Victoria Buchanan talks to Beauty Magazine about the new beauty launches and innovations set to shake up haircare in 2015.

 “Haircare is beginning to mimic the language of skincare with the arrival of BB creams,” says Buchanan. “BB creams for hair offer multiple benefits such as UV protection, anti-frizz and nourishment in one, just as the multi-tasking facial versions do.” 

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Net-A-Porter Magazine: Beauty gets personal

15 : 04 : 2015
Net a Porter magazine

Visual trends researcher Victoria Buchanan talks to Net-A-Porter magazine about innovative new technologies allowing the latest beauty must-haves are just as unique as you are

“This is part of a wider trend we’re calling the ‘optimized self’ – the creation of a superlative version of ourselves,” says Victoria Buchanan, Trends Researcher at brand consultancy Future Laboratory. “Products that perfectly suit the individual make it possible.”

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14 : 04 : 2015
Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 12.24.49

Insight Editor Peter Firth shares key insights into the blink, share, laugh and forget mentality of Generation D.

For Generation D (people aged between 12 and 18) working across five screens is standard, says the insight editor of trend forecasting agency Future Laboratory Peter Firth. This ‘blink, share, laugh, forget’ mentality is now being adopted by marketers in terms of how they speak to Generation D members,” Firth says.

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