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Milan Design Week highlights

01 : 05 : 2013

This year’s Milan Design week was quieter than recent years with the financial problems of the eurozone in evidence around the city. But that didn’t stop us from sending three of LS:N Global’s team to report on one of the biggest and most celebrated design shows in the world.

Colour and vibrancy were prevalent at this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile and the Re-enlightenment Rising trend shone through with scientific processes at the forefront of design directions as well as rough and ready production methods.

LS:N Global’s Seed section is the open-access section of the network. Updated three times daily, it covers the top stories in trends around the globe.

Here are our pick of the top Seed stories from Milan this year:

Pump it up: Puff! furniture is an experience
Israeli designer Moran Barmaper has created the Puff! collection of metal furniture that can be inflated with a bicycle pump, adding a different experience for users.

On a plate: Designers roll out edible tableware
The latest project by students from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam repurposes kitchen appliances as tools to make biodegradable and edible tableware.

Performance art: Dixon gives Adidas mobile slant
The Capsule for Adidas by Tom Dixon is an installation designed to demonstrate the sports brand’s knowledge of performance through Dixon’s inventive and slick designs.

Resonate 2013

05 : 04 : 2013

By Ellie Osborne

My role as a Junior Researcher for the The Future Laboratory’s Consultancy team recently took me to Belgrade for Resonate New Media Festival to get the lowdown on what is happening at the boundaries of art, media and technology:

The whirlwind two day trip was fast paced and packed with inspiring projects and lectures. The focus of the festival is cutting edge technology in art, music and culture. Some of the headlining guest speakers included new media artists Golan Levin, Joachim Sauter and Senior Research Scientist at Disney Research, Ivan Poupyrev.

Three great things I learnt:

: The importance of not just showing the data, but showing it in the right context
: That Twitter data is representational of people who are WEIRD – Western Educated Industrialised Rich Democratised
: By 2020 computers and graphics cards will be able to fool our eyes. Virtual reality will be part of physicality and will exist in everyday life

Three of the most insightful people and projects I saw:

Studio NAND presented a brilliant project called Emoto, a great example of data analysis and data representation. Emoto captured and visualised the global response around the London 2012 Olympic Games from approximately 12.5 million Twitter messages in an interactive online visualisation and interactive physical data sculpture.

The theme of data was explored as part of LS:N Global’s Megasystems trend at last month’s Trend Briefing event.

: A trailer for CLOUDS, an interactive documentary based in a videogame format, letting the viewer choose the course of the narrative. It features prominent media artists, hackers, and critics in conversation about the creative use of code, the future of data, interfaces, and visual technology. Keep your eyes peeled, it’s due to be released this year.

Watch a small trailer for Clouds. And read a Seed about it on LS:N Global.

: A talk, entitled ‘#printisdead – or is it?’ discussed the pros of starting a print magazine in a digital world. Print is the best interface ever designed: you don’t need a manual, it doesn’t need updating and it is immediately accessible and preserved in the way it is to be perceived. The talk also explained how independent publications are thriving through the web: it’s the best news stand as the audience can be easily identified and communicated with through social media, and it provides alternative ways of handling production.

The insight came from the founders of art, science and technology magazine HOLO, Greg J Smith, Alexander Scholz and Sherry Kennedy, who also gave the scoop on some of the leading thinkers and designers that we can expect to see featured. The list included generative artist Eno Henze, data artist Jer Thorpe and kinetic Sound artist Zimoun. I can’t wait for the first edition of Holo magazine out in June.

Watch out for the lowdown on the rest of the best of Resonate on LS:N Global later this month.